American Amber Ale, Mosquito Brewing, Millville, Nj

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A winning amber ale from our fellow blogger AbdillHomeBrew! Easy drinking and perfectly balanced with a tasty malt and hop backbone and a pleasant aroma and mouth feel, more please! Thanks again for sharing your brewing talents with us! (Yep, same cool growler as before)

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Pumpkin Spice, Mosquito Brewing, Millville, NJ

Thanks for the props wineoh!006.

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We received a growler of this from our fellow blogger AbdillHomeBrew, and as his handle suggests, this is his pumpkin home brew. This is my preference in a pumpkin beer. There is a wonderful pumpkin aroma with hints of clove and allspice on the nose, and mostly pumpkin in the flavor. There’s a touch of the spice at the finish and it’s not overly carbonated. I’d love more next pumpkin brew season in October! Thanks and cheers AbdillHomeBrew!

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Glasstown Brewing Company, Millville, NJ

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This hidden Southern New Jersey gem is located in the industrial zone that encompasses Millville Municipal Airport. A clean and thoughtfully laid out brewery and tasting room that had ten delicious varietals offered. Complimentary popcorn and peanuts are a nice amenity while you’re waiting for your reasonably priced growler fills and enjoying the breeze. AbdillHomeBrew, it is no wonder you didn’t boast about Glasstown more here, I’d want to keep this precious backyard valuable all to myself too 🙂
Outside and about fifty feet away, Bolt Catering food tent is available with some nice menu offerings. There is not much for the vegetarian to choose from yet, but more options should be coming soon.
I had the 609 IPA, as it is delicious and this has been my area code all my life:)
I am sure that when I enjoy these growler fills over the weekend, I will be posting…

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Exit 3, Blueberry Braggot, Flying Fish Brewing Company, Somerville, NJ

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Braggot is defined as a mead brewed with fruit. In this case, Flying Fish’s brewers combined New Jersey honey with blueberries grown in Hammonton, NJ. This combination was fermented with Belgian strain of yeast, to give those characteristic esters found in your classic Belgian ales. My wife and I were able to try the standard version and one aged on orange, lemon peel, and whole blueberries when we visited the brewery for the official release of Exit 3. The standard Exit 3 was as crisp and drinkable as a 15% abc beverage can be. There was a nice blueberry tanginess which teamed with the moderate carbonation to clear away the sweetness that one expects when drinking what is essentially a sweet mead. The special version was much more complex, but the citrus flavors overshadowed the blueberries. The aged version was akin to a fruit salad where the standard is like…

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Review 013: George Dickel Rye

I agree with the author’s tasting notes. It was interesting to drink this rye whiskey next to an Evan Williams Bourbon and experience the much more assertive character of the George Dickel rye.

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GDRyeGeorge Dickel Rye  |  45% ABV  |  $26

It’s finally here. It took me thirteen reviews to realize I hadn’t reviewed a rye whiskey yet. So breaking the ice for the ryes is a newcomer on the market, George Dickel Rye. GD Rye was released last year and is another LDI/MGPI sourced whiskey. Midwest Grain Product Ingredients (formally Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana) is a large distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana that supplies whiskey to various brands, mainly craft labels who don’t have distilling capabilities. MGPI has two bourbon mash bills and a famous 95% rye mash bill although they have recently added SIX new recipes to their portfolio. Their 95% rye is used for whiskeys such as Bulleit Rye, Templeton Rye, Redemption Rye, WillettRye and some HighWest ryes. So when George Dickel decided to hop on the rye train they looked no further than MGPI’s 95% rye.

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